ShipOS 1994 Steam Page Is Now Live

Rebuild the Business in ShipOS 1994

The Border Collie Games are thrilled to announce that the Steam page of ShipOS 1994 is finally live. Get ready to rebuild your family’s fallen shipping business in this one-of-a-kind management game. Take a look at the official trailer below to check out what’s in store for us.


In ShipOS 1994, you will take the role of rebuilding your family’s failing shipping empire. To achieve this, you must build a vast fleet of ships to pay off your family’s debt. Be strategic and cunning to build a wide network with optimal shipping paths.

But first thing first, to turn the tide of your business, you will need the world’s most advanced shipping management home operating system,

ShipOS 1994. It comes with the following features:

– Fleet mapping
– Contract Management
– Port and ship upgrades
– Ship servicing and refueling
– Finance management
– MP3 player
– And so much more!

There are different ships, upgrades, contracts, and strategies to choose from. This adds a layer of replayability to the game. Which also means that you are in total control of your destiny. Will be able to overcome the challenges and come out successful? or will the debt become so massive that you run out of business? Prepare to find out yourself.