Encounters: Music Stories Steam Launch Date Unveiled

A Rhythmic Adventure Awaits in Encounters: Music Stories

Raquel G. Cabañas has officially announced the Steam release date for Encounters: Music Stories. This awesome two-handed casual music rhythm game will arrive on the platform on 17th July 2024. Additionally, there is a demo with three levels for everyone to try out before its official release. What are you waiting for? Dive right into it and get a first-hand experience of it.

Encounters: Music Stories

Encounters: Music Stories is a rhythm game where you guide charming characters, each playing a unique musical instrument, through various challenges. You need to clear obstacles to help them progress and reach the final encounter platform. While you can train each character individually, winning a level requires coordinating both hands to achieve harmony.

In this game, precision in rhythm and coordination are essential. If you enjoy challenging rhythm games, you’ll love it. Not sure if it’s your type? Try out the three levels available in the Steam demo.

Beyond its original concept, the gameplay is enriched with cute characters and heartfelt stories featuring a diverse range of marginalized or underrepresented individuals. This includes people with physical disabilities, women in tech, the elderly, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, among others.

Encounters: Music Stories is already available on Nintendo Switch, so make sure to check it out.