The Dark Cave Will Arrive on Steam and on 16th July

Let the Battle Begin in The Dark Cave

2P Games and Leaves Games have announced that their upcoming title, The Dark Cave will release on Steam and on 16th July. The standard price of the game will be $4.99 / €4.99, but there will be a two-week launch discount of 15%. Players eager to try it out before its official release can check out the demo which is available on both platforms.

The Dark Cave

The Dark Cave is a demanding pixel art turn-based strategy, deck-building roguelike game. Players must make strategic decisions and meticulously plan their moves while battling on two 3×3 grids. With limited mobility and a variety of weapons and abilities, every action is critical. There is no such thing as an easy choice as you take down wave after wave of enemies.

You can choose from three characters, each boasting over 20 upgradable abilities. Every run offers a unique experience due to the mix of characters, abilities, and additional elements. You have access to over 20 enhancement effects that provide permanent boosts across different characters. There are more than 20 potions with immediate, disposable effects, and 40+ relics that grant buffs for the current run. Carefully select your combat style to navigate to the cave’s innermost rooms.

Here are some key features:

– Fight in turn-based, 3×3 grids against hordes of enemies. The game requires players to properly execute their strategies: consider your moves and make calculated decisions!

– Carefully create a powerful deck of skills, enhancements, potions, and relics, and battle your way to victory!

– Make difficult decisions along the way: even meeting with merchants will mean you’ll have to sacrifice something to get what you want