Pet Simulator 99 – All the Information So Far

Raise the Best Pet

We have a lot of questions regarding BIG Games’s upcoming Roblox title Pet Simulator 99 since its recent announcement. And honestly, we don’t have all the answers. For now, let’s check out all the information we got about it so far.

Pet Simulator 99 is a Roblox experience and a sequel to the 2021 title Pet Simulator X. The game is all about collecting coins and gems to unlock powerful pets. As it is a sequel, everyone can expect a bunch of new gameplay mechanics which the developer promised. Another thing that is very obvious is that it will feature at least 99 pets.

BIG Games has also announced that it will release on 1 December at 11 am CST. Here is the timezone translation for other regions:

  • US (West Coast) – December 1 at 9 am PT
  • US (East Coast) – December 1 at 12pm ET
  • UK – December 1 at 5 pm GMT

If you are a player of Pet Simulator X and are worried that all your progress in the game will be lost. And that you’ll have to restart all over again in the new game. Then we have great news for you because you can transfer your sets to Pet Simulator 99 now.

You just have to log into Pet Simulator X and go over to the Pet Box. Here you can transfer pets, huges, titanics, and eggs. There is a limit for the transfers but it gets refreshed every seven days. More importantly, the pet box will also remain in the new game for six months.

The pet will still retain its serials, signatures, and gold/rainbow status when it arrives in the new game. BIG Games confirmed that the only thing that won’t transfer are nicknames and enchantments, because of the fact that it will work differently in the new game.