Blizzard Addresses Classic WoW Layering Abuse

Blizzard May Prevent Others From Gaming Classic WoW Like Joker

According to a recent blue post on the WoW Classic forums, Blizzard is monitoring the affect of layering on the economy, leveling and other aspects of the Classic WoW experience. Blizzard has investigated false claims of banks full of rare crafting materials and other inaccurate stories they’ve seen discussed in the community and assure everyone that layering isn’t as much of an issue as some trolls are claiming. Classic WoW is available for adventurers who want to relive the original experience of World of Warcraft in today’s day and age on official Blizzard servers.

Classic WoW

Blizzard is currently working on some tweaks and additional controls to layering to prevent potential future exploits from what they’ve seen so far on Classic WoW. Apparently all realms have a single-digit number of layers, most of which are low single-digits. According to the recent forum post, a popular theory that typing /who in a capital city and comparing results with a friend who does the same thing to determine their current layer has been completely debunked. “That doesn’t work because /who returns results from the entire realm, not just from your layer and if the result set is too large, it truncates the results before sorting them.” So basically, the /who social function is an unreliable way of gauging anything about layering. Classic WoW’s first level 60 was met with controversy as Joker was seen on stream using layering to help quicken the leveling experience and Blizzard was likely monitoring his progression and are working on ways to prevent such exploits in the future.

“Rest assured, there are not people running around with banks full of (Thorium) Arcane Crystals or Black Lotus.” Said the informative and cheeky Blizzard forum post, “every player gets different results but those differences in results have nothing to do with which layer you’re on. This has led some people to claim they’ve discovered dozens of layers per realm, but that claim is completely false.” After the success Blizzard is seeing with WoW Classic in server population and twitch viewership, we’re interested to see their next quarterly earnings report.

What was your favorite class to play as in World of Warcraft and are you back into Azeroth with WoW Classic? What ways have you heard of layering being exploited to affect leveling, economics, etc? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech