Blizzard Launches 60-Minute Demo of WoW Classic

You Might Have to Go Outside

BlizzCon has kicked off my fellow sweaties, which means a week of new game announcements, updates, and surprises. To start, Blizzard has landed a 60-minute demo of World of Warcraft: Classic. However, the demo is limited to virtual ticket holders who themselves have been struck with limits.

Virtual tickets can be purchased for a lump sum of $50. Now, while everyone is limited to 60-minute sessions, there are a few loopholes. As explained on the forums, the hour threshold is there to make sure everyone gets their chance to play World of Warcraft in its original form (no DLC, no tweaks, no bs). Plus, there’s a cooldown period that facilitates 90 minutes of play time. In addition, you can play for 60 minutes, wait 30 minutes, and then work in another 60-minute session. You can parse the demo into different intervals, at your discretion.

World of Warcraft: Classic was announced back at last year’s BlizzCon, to much fanfare, but the devs explained that there’d be some hurdles. The current goal is to make sure the OG experience can play and run smoothly. As for why Blizzard has implemented a time limit, it’s there to make sure the servers don’t crash. The devs are testing the waters, as it were, making sure they can handle the number of players who want to dive back into WoW Classic. They’ll monitor the situation and, maybe, eventually remove the time limit. Either way, the existence of a working demo means we can expect a full-blown relaunch of Vanilla WoW in the future.

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