Super Meat Boy Grounds the Epic Games Beef

Super Meat Boy Creator Talks Epic Games Store

During a recent interview with Destructoid, Super Meat Boy creator, Tommy Refenes explained how Epic Games Store ensured timed exclusivity for Super Meat Boy Forever. Despite what many Epic Games haters think, the benefits and negatives were weighed out but the combination of guaranteed sales and getting Super Meat Boy on the big screen at The Game Awards convinced Tommy Refenes that Epic Games Store was the right platform. “That’s huge for anyone in any industry to be like ‘when you get done with your work, you’re definitely going to make this much.’ I don’t know who wouldn’t take that deal.” Super Meat Boy Forever will be available on Mobile, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC later this year.

Super Meat Boy Forever

During the interview with Destructoid, Tommy Refenes discusses the reality that many fans speaking out about the Epic Games Store platform have legitimate grievances but that their voice is drowned out by the outrage culture surrounding it. “You have people who are like ‘It’s not that great of a store‘ or whatever. But then you have the wild bullshit of Chinese spyware conspiracy theory crap. It’s like ‘okay, you people shut up,’ because the people who have actual concerns are being drowned out and I think it’s a shame. They all get lumped together.”

We admire the blunt honesty of Tommy Refenes discussing the Epic Games Store as many of the developers who are signing on to exclusivity with the platform will play the victim while Refenes explains the reality of the situation. Once Epic Games ran the numbers on Super Meat Boy Forever, Team Meat saw Epic Games Store exclusivity as a no-brainer. “After I got the numbers, the level of fear of not launching on Steam for PC was immediately alleviated.”

What are some of your favorite games that are Epic Games Store exclusives? Are you one of the reasonable haters that Tommy Refenes is speaking about or are you actually a fan of the Epic Games platform? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Destructoid