Epic Games Store Accidentally Flags Customer’s Account After Buying 5 Games

Maybe Epic Games Store Didn’t Realize Their Sale Was THAT Good?

It has been a tumultuous week for Epic Games Store. You may remember our recent article involving the Epic Games Store sale being hailed as the “Epic Mega Sale”. Unfortunately, soon after we wrote another article expressing the shock and dismay of having the pre-sale for Borderlands 3 unceremoniously removed. Now Epic Game Store is amidst another issue regarding the rollout of their sale. A customer had his account flagged for possible fraudulence after purchasing multiple games in quick succession.

Epic Mega Sale

Patrick Boivin claims to have bought five different games during the “Epic Mega Sale”. Unfortunately, his account became flagged for being possibly fraudulent. In his tweet, Boivin laments Epic Games Store for not having a shopping cart, a function one would normally assume as essential for an online retailer.

The online games retailer is aware of the problem. The senior PR for Epic Games, Nick Chester, responded by saying it “was a result of our aggressive fraud rules”. He goes on to advise those experiencing this dilemma to contact player support. However, no details have been provided on whether or not a shopping cart function is currently in production.

The fallout has the potential to be great. People can act rather ruthlessly when something has the promise of greatness and then falls short (look at this season of Game of Thrones). Then again, they may quickly rectify the issue and have everyone joyfully enjoying their product. This does suggest that Epic Games has not anticipated such a positive reaction to their sale or they would have had measures in place to assist in buying multiple products.