Epic Games Store Features Roadmap Gets Murkier

More Features At Some Point, Probably

The Epic Games Store has had a Trello Board for a little while now. This board contains all the details of their store’s features roadmap. Previously, this roadmap had target dates and release windows for various features. Now, Epic has removed these dates, making the content schedule even murkier than before.


Epic goes over all of this in greater detail in a blog post here. According to Epic, “the Trello roadmap is not fulfilling the goal we set when it was introduced.” In other words, Epic was missing release windows. So their solution is to remove those windows altogether! Now, new features are either in ‘Up Next,’ or ‘Future Development.’

While removing any sources of potential user dissatisfaction is generally a good strategy, this seems like a lateral move at best. People are still going to be clamoring for the installment of basic features, they just can’t point to a missed release date during their tirades. This is less about solving the problem, and more about shoving the problem in a very small cupboard for the moment. I can’t say for certain how users will react to this, but my guess is they will take it poorly.