In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne You Get Rewarded For Helping Players Catch Up

Love Makes the World Go Round 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now incentivizing players to help their fellow gamers. The game will now reward players who help others to catch up to their rank. It is such a simple idea, but such a great one as well. To even play Iceborn you’ll need to be rank 16. Which might sound like it is easy to get to however, it takes a healthy amount of time to get there.

“We’ve also got a system in place called Hunter Helper, so if you haven’t finished World yet and want to catch up so you can play Iceborne, your friends who are a higher rank than you will actually get rewards by playing quests with you and helping you finish up your storyline,” said  Kaname Fujioka and Daisuke Ichihara. Both of whom are Iceborn directors.

The developers of Iceborn have also stated that once the player does reach the maximum level, there will still be plenty of quests and endgame activities to do. This is something other games within the MMO genre have struggled with in the past. Many games prior have had a hard time keeping players around after max rank is achieved. So it will be interesting to see if Iceborn fairs any better.

MMOs have become a genre of games that have slowly started to lose their prominence as the years have gone by. Long ago are the glory days of World of Warcraft and others. Monster Hunter seems like the only game that has even come close to the same status that WoW once had. Iceborn could mark a sort of Renaissance period within the game type. Everyone and their mother seems to be itching to play this game. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype.