Monster Hunter Stories Review – I’m Friends With the Monster

Monster Hunter Stories Review

The original Monster Hunter Stories for the Nintendo 3DS is back with a fresh coat of paint. Everyone is doing it these days. Who doesn’t want see an old favorite brought back in a high quality visual lense? I am certainly not complaining. With the arrival of the re-release, good times are in store. As everyone already probably knew. Monster Hunter Stories returns with a new coat of paint and brings with it something a little extra. Oh and Navirou’s here too.

Ride On!

For any veteran of the Monster Hunter Stories that’s been through the wringer a couple of times, this is a cozier slower change of pace. You play as a young character, coming into their own as a monster rider. A coveted position among much of the youth in Hakum village. The chief entrusts you to undertake a few starter tutorial challenges to get all set up with the world and this oh so peculiar concept of monster riding. Not the most complex thing you’ve heard but it does the job.

Monster Hunter Stories A confrontation

But wait, aren’t monsters for slaying? Not here. It’s time to tame some raging beasts and gather a party of ferocious monsters for a try at adventure. The game thrives in it’s ability to make you really fall in love with the spirit of freedom and adventure. After the inciting incident that is a tragic attack on the village, the stakes of your job become a little more apparent. Adventure calls.

More Than A Remaster

Monster Hunter Stories lets you embark on an adventure where you are not a slayer of Monsters, but you find and befriend them. Hatch monster eggs you find out in nests in the wilds. You can raise them and bond with them in the quest to become a legendary Rider. The release brings in the modern look with more colorful and saturated pallette, plus obvious improvements to the visual graphics.

Monster Hunter Stories PauPau Beach

Crisper colors and gorgeous brighter views are in store. As stated before in the preview, Japanese and English voices have been added to the game, making it fully voiced. Japan updates that were not localized as well as new exclusive monsters from those updates will now be available. As well as all the updates previously unavailable outside Japan are now available including a new museum feature.

Once More Into the Fray

After giving Monster Hunter Stories a good chunk of hours, I can confidently say this is safely in my list of favorites. The characters are lovely, encased in a fun story, rich with the call for exploration and adventure. New players to the series will have no problems getting settled in. Monster Hunter Stories mechanics and instructions are far simpler to grasp than Monster Hunter Stories’ parent counterpart.

The unique pokemon-like aspect of the rock paper scissors turn-based combat is well implemented. Each monster has special abilities that you can switch out depending on the opponent’s weakness. It’s been a joy to run back and forth, upgrading armor and weapons for a better chance as the monsters get tougher. The fight never gets old and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you carve your way to victory, one skill selection at a time.

A Monstie’s Best Friend

Monster Hunter Stories focuses on seeing the world and collecting new monsters, or monsties, for your party. They come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. Your chatty felyne friend Navirou, is back for a whirlwind adventure. With him and other monsties at your side, you’ll forge unbreakable bonds and kinship. You’ll get to collect and hatch unique monsters as you gain skill and earn your title of Monster Rider. All of them are set to show out with shinier, more refined graphics, and all at optimum performance, without a frame issue in sight.

Beautiful areas with special themes seasons and weather adorn the game’s sizeable map. All sorts of monsties await with cool unique abilities and specializations. There’s intricate outfits and armor and sleek gear. Not much should bother you too much besides the sheer overabundance of mind-numbing NPC fetch quests. There’s all sorts of cool species to encounter to fill up your Monster guidebook bingo. Best saddle up.

Monster Hunter Stories Combat scene

There are a couple of remasters almost every year these days. At the pace they’re going, it’s a win for everyone involved. In this new revamped release, monsties, adventure and the power of friendship are the names of the game. Monster Hunter Stories is undoubtedly an epic re-release ready for a pretty and new look at a great adventure.


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The Good

  • Beautiful visuals
  • Fun characters
  • New unlocked features

The Bad

  • A plain story
  • Some boring side quests