Gamestop Labour Day Sale is Offering Up to 50% Off Merchandise

Get it While You Still Can

The most recent news coming out of Gamestop has not been great. Both Gamestop and Game Informer have recently been the victim of mass layoffs as a way for the company to cut expenditures. This move has been done in a calculated attempt to try and turn Gamestop around as a company. Another one of these new moves is a total overhaul of their website. After being down for a couple of days, the website is back up and running and hopes to provide a “modern digital shopping experience.” Trying out the website might be a good idea too. Gamestop is having a massive Labour Day Sale today.


The prices are generous, to say the least. Gamestop has slashed prices in half. Giving customers the opportunity to buy games for the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch for 50% off their regular price. This is not going to be the case for every game in the store, but you get the idea.

If you are not interested in buying any games, they are also putting pre-owned consoles on sale. Not for the 50% mind you. But a noticeable amount of the price has been shaven off.

  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB – $300 (from $330)
  • Xbox One X 1TB Black – $300 (from $350)
  • Nintendo Switch (Neon) – $250 (from $280)
  • Nintendo Switch (Grey) – $250 (from $280)

These prices are in American dollars. So if you are living outside of the United States you’ll have to do a little bit a math to see what kind of deal you’re getting.

Hopefully, this sale does Gamestop and their customers well. The struggling company could really use a boost right now. Many business experts have predicted that Gamestop, along with other video game retailers are unlikely to make it out of the 2020s. Times are changing. So go enjoy the sale while you can.