The Best VPN for Gaming and Streaming in 2022

You may construct the most excellent gaming PC and increase frame rates with all sorts of gimmicks, but multiplayer games are still dependent on your internet connection.

Instead of spending money on the finest gaming router or running a lengthy Ethernet cable throughout your home to reduce ping, a VPN might be all you need to improve your connection speed.

A VPN may help each user in various ways, from unblocking restricted websites to gaining access to region-locked streaming services.

If you want to access Netflix titles that aren’t available in your location, for example, you’ll need a VPN as recommended by Similarly, if you want to watch Hulu outside of the United States, you’ll need a VPN.

You can get around the fact that certain streaming providers can’t show specific material in certain locations. While there are many VPNs available, here are a handful that will allow you to see the material you want.

Here is a list of the superb VPN services for gaming and streaming.

1.     Surfshark

Surfshark has many features, but one sticks out above the rest: infinite connections from a single account. It’s no longer the only VPN service that lets you use it on any device, but it was the first to do so, paving the way for the industry to improve.

Because most other VPNs have yet to notice, Surfshark is one of the best VPNs for gaming.

Its upload speeds are somewhat slower than NordVPN’s, and it doesn’t have as many servers to select from, but it offers excellent value for money and maintains a low latency.

It also unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+, among other streaming services. It is associated with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so give it a try.

Surfshark is the place to go if you have numerous players in your home. A VPN may be used on any PC, router, console, smartphone, or device with only one account. Furthermore, it all comes at one of the most competitive pricing available for a VPN service. This is appealing to individuals who often host LAN parties.

Surfshark promises to be your go-to VPN for gaming, from masking your IP address in chat applications like Discord to safeguarding gamers from DDoS assaults to accessing otherwise region-locked content or discounts.

2.     NordVPN

If you’ve ever looked for a VPN, you’ve almost certainly come across NordVPN. It’s a fantastic VPN service that you can easily use on any website or service. Above all, you may use it to get around any streaming platform’s content limitations.

NordVPN also features a simple, straightforward user interface and supports practically all major platforms. SmartPlay, a feature of NordVPN, allows you to stream video on both private and public Wi-Fi networks.

It also contains a NordLynx protocol based on WireGuard and many other unique features.

NordVPN also says that concealing data flow may circumvent bandwidth limiting, resulting in reduced latency while gaming. NordVPN also provides many servers to choose from, so if one doesn’t appear to be up to par for online gaming, you can easily switch to another.

NordVPN also provides a comprehensive guide on setting up a VPN on every system, including the PC, PS5, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch.

3.     ExpressVPN

Another well-known brand in the VPN sector is ExpressVPN. When used for streaming and circumventing prohibited material, it provides a safe, quick, and dependable experience. As a result, you can trust it to protect your privacy whether utilizing the internet or a streaming platform.

When talking about unblocking streaming services, ExpressVPN is the best. It promises to unblock over 200 streaming services while also continuously monitoring them to guarantee that they are all operational.

ExpressVPN also includes a MediaStreamer service, which you may utilize if you’re experiencing problems accessing a streaming service. One of the finest VPN services for streaming sites is the specialized MediaStreamer service.

Thanks to its in-house Lightway security mechanism, everything has become quicker, which is fantastic news for gamers.

With 160 sites in 94 countries, gamers will be able to receive the low ping rates they want in nearby countries, as well as dependable connections and, due to a large number of servers available, traffic slowing down speeds will not be a problem.

If you can play Google Stadia without stuttering while using a VPN, the VPN performs its job well.

ExpressVPN is also quite simple to use. There are instructions for setting up the ExpressVPN software on routers on its web page so that gamers may connect to a VPN using their consoles.

The only significant disadvantage is ExpressVPN’s pricing, which is a little more than others that attain similar internet speeds or have a more significant number of servers. Nonetheless, players will not be disappointed with this service.

4.     CyberGhost

CyberGhost outnumbers the rivals in terms of numbers. How many devices does it support? Everything. How many servers are there? 6,900 to be exact (and growing). What are the available nations? A good 90.

It even offers a 45-day trial period for yearly subscriptions, which is somewhat longer than ExpressVPN’s and NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantees.

It’s a service that comes at a premium price unless you choose the three-year yearly plan. It’s a little frustrating that some of the servers on this list aren’t as fast as others.

You may pick from a large number of servers that will unblock most streaming services, and games should not be slowed down. It’s not as fast as NordVPN, but it’s as reliable as they come, with low latency provided you choose the appropriate server.

When this isn’t a problem while trying to browse the PlayStation Store in other countries or just playing a single-player game, it may cause internet connections to decrease to the point that I lost connection while playing Overwatch.

However, since it is so easy to traverse between its hundreds of servers, if one isn’t providing consistent speeds, the next one most likely will. CyberGhost will not let you down if you want it all.


In a nutshell, there isn’t a single VPN option that can do everything correctly. Providers prioritize different elements. You must select the one that meets your requirements.