Elden Ring Has Been Beaten in Just Over Half an Hour

Elden Ring Has Been Beaten in Just 33 Minutes

Streamer Distortion2 has beaten Elden Ring in just 33 minutes. Certainly an impressive feat, given how difficult and massive Elden Ring can be. Considering how many players have played for dozens of hours without even going against the first boss, beating the game in half an hour is impressive.

Distortion2 will likely have beaten Elden Ring even quicker here very soon. He has managed to beat the game with a new time multiple times already and shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

You may be wondering just how someone can complete a game as massive as Elden Ring in just over half an hour. The answer is quite simple; wrongwarping. Wrongwarping is when you trick a game into teleporting you somewhere other than the intended destination.

Using wrongwarping, a player can die and then end up somewhere totally different. This allows for quick travel across the map, allowing one to get to the bosses much faster. Or to skip bosses and just get to the one that is required to beat the game.

Distrotion2 is doing an any% speed run. This allows him to skip content entirely if it isn’t necessary to beat Elden Ring. It is just one form of speedrunning, but it is very entertaining. Seeing these people take advantage of glitches to move through a game quickly is impressive. It will be interesting to see what the fastest clear time to beat Elden Ring will end up being. It is just getting quicker and quicker right now.

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