Turns Out, You Actually CAN Pause the Game in Elden Ring

Ever Wished You Could Just… Pause Elden Ring? From Software Hides The Truth From You.

A game genre known for its difficulty isn’t known to give people breaks. That’s part of the challenge, after all. Find yourself in a bad situation? Elden Ring won’t offer you any breathing room – you’ll succeed or fail here and now. Unless, of course, you just pause the game. How hard could that be? Nothing’s ever been difficult in Elden Ring, right?

Turns out, Elden Ring really, really doesn’t want you to find the pause button. But it’s not denying you that power – it’s just playing coy. The code is there, the game is fully capable of pausing itself without breaking anything. It’s just… a bit buried.

Now, is this a bug? A bit of leftover code cropping up when it really shouldn’t have? Probably. Will From Software be calling in the exterminators to squash this bug? Probably. But hey, this does exactly what you want it says on the tin. You wanted a way to pause Elden Ring? It’s right here. Use it before it gets patched, if only for the glory.

Now, “how does this work with multiplayer?”, you may ask. The answer is exactly what you’d expect: it doesn’t. Don’t try it. You’ll probably just die. This is the Soulslike equivalent of closing your eyes and hoping that the big scary monster doesn’t see you. Something tells me it won’t help much.