A Random Elden Ring Treasure Chest Sends Players to Hell

Elden Ring Players Found a Transporter Trap

Elden Ring has a handy feature for players that follow a suggested critical path within the game. Going through this path has been deemed a safer way to take for those who are relatively new to Souls games. However, it has been opened that when they opened a random treasure chest, they ended up right in hell.

This treasure chest is reportedly only minutes away from Elden Ring’s starting point. Opening it quickly takes players to a different area. Once there, they can fast travel back to the comfort of Limgrave. 

elden ring treasure chest sends players to hell

Elden Ring players found this troublesome chest in a spot called Dragon-Burnt Ruins. It only sits west of the first Limgrave site of grace that is submerges players in disgusting ankle-deep water. Navigating through the ruins seems relatively simple. 

Players will have to battle some feisty dogs, aggressive rats, and a bunch of pushover zombies with torches. It seems like an easy win. Many players even felt like it has a bit of a tutorial vibe.

Nestled at the bottom of some stairs is the players’ prize chest. A cloud of smoke immediately engulfs Elden Ring players after opening it. This chest is actually a transporter trap.

The trap transports players to a cave called the Sellia Crytal Tunnel. A bunch of rocky jerks will then accost them at once. Unfortunately, players will not be able to fast travel away from this area. They will have to fight their way—or run—until they leave the cave.

The bad news is that majority of the enemies are resistant to blades. Some players have observed that their katana slashes kept bouncing off until they switched to two-handed combat mode.

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