Elden Ring Is Getting Ray Tracing in a Future Update

Elden Ring’s Support for Ray Tracing Is Coming After Launch

Elden Ring devs have confirmed that the game is going to get ray tracing in a future update. This feature has quickly become a standard for new-gen games. The first batch of the game’s patch notes reveal that it is also making its way to FromSoftware’s latest release.

The timing of the implementation of ray tracing which is planned to be supported after the launch will be announced in the future,” the patch notes read.

elden ring ray tracing future update

Elden Ring has managed to be an incredible game even without ray tracing features. It shows off clear and distinct visual themes across different regions. With that said, fans are expecting ray tracing to make the game even more beautiful than it already is.

Ray tracing can make reflections bounce off the game’s poisonous swamps and have the sun’s rays peer down more realistically from dark clouds.

As stated by Elden Ring devs, support for ray tracing is not going to be implemented in the day one patch. Fans must also know that devs are not rolling out the patch at launch. Players will have to fully download the game—all 13GB of it—and apply it after installation.

Although this news has delighted most Elden Ring fans, many are disappointed that the patch notes did not address the game’s stuttering problem. Apparently, the game will begin to intermittently stutter over time. Some players have even noticed that the game slows down for some brief moments as they explore the world in game.

“I never died to a hiccup in performance,” said one player. “But it made me pause and restart the game fairly often to fix the issue.”

Devs have previously stated that the launch day patch is going to fix the problem. However, those who were able to test the 1.02 patch noticed that some issues still persist. With that said, fans are hopeful that FromSoftware is going to remedy this issue soon.

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