Elden Ring Spoilers Are Making Their Rounds

Elden Ring Leaks Are Here

Elden Ring footage and screenshots have been leaked. The spoilers are now out in the wild. Players might want stay off the Internet for the time-being. The leaked screens show off a new area not seen before.

Chief among these Elden Ring leaks is the appearance of a cinematic intro. In typical FromSoftware fashion, the video showcases three minutes of the game’s foreboding setting. The leaked preview introduces a lot of names that fans have never heard of before. There were also some pretty vague references to certain wars.

elden ring spoilers

There might still be copies of the intro making their rounds. This is the Internet, after all.

Despite the leaked trailer’s revelations, a cinematic intro is not enough to spoil the experience for a lot of people. After all, it is the very first scene that players will see when they boot the game next week. More in-depth leaks were in the live streams of extended gameplay from some Twitch users.

These streams are already taken down presumably as a response to a complaint from Bandai Namco. However, they ran long enough for fans to get a wealth of unknowns to be cast uncaringly into the pre-embargo world.

It is worth noting that a handful of Elden Ring fans were given the opportunity to play the game during its network tests. Several outlets were also gifted with more hands-on time that was limited to the game’s first six hours only.

Fortunately for fans, they do not have to wait much longer before the game’s official launch. However, considering the huge amount of leaks that are making their rounds online, players who do not want to spoilers might want to put on their blinkers until then.

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