Highrise City Building to Early Access March 24th

A Modern Take on City Sims 

Time to take city sims to the modern age. Developer FourExo’s city building sim, Highrise City, is coming to early access in March. Additionally, a press release gives players more details about the game and how it aims to progress the genre of city sim games. Also, the release talks about the important features that separate Highrise City from other city sims. 

Highrise City Early access

Highrise City puts players in control of their own metropolis. With up to one million inhabitants your city can become a bustling hub in no time. It’s within this sort of hub position that the difference in features comes into play. In addition to simply building your city, the player is put in control of the economy and resource management of the city. It is within this blending of  city sim and RTS gameplay that brings the uniqueness to Highrise City. You can ensure your city becomes an expansive metropolis.

Additionally, players can get a good look at the gameplay of Highrise City in the early access trailer. The trailer shows off the style, a look at a city, and some of the gameplay itself. 

 The game provides players with the tools and possibilities they need to make their city a success. However, you will of course face the challenges that come with running a city. One misstep of resources and you may face disaster. 

Highrise City enters early access March 24th. It will be available on Steam on GOC for $24.99. Additionally, players can try the free demo arriving at Steam Next Fest February 21st-28th. So, what kind of city will you create?