No Man’s Sky is Coming to Steam Deck, Will Add Touch Controls

Touch the Sky in No Man’s Sky

The story of No Man’s Sky is a long, gradual, but determined climb. When the game was released, who could have predicted that it’d be loved enough to get a port over to something like the Steam Deck? The developers at Hello Games have thrown in countless new free additions, boosting the game’s popularity to insane levels. And in this transition, they’re adding in something new.

You see, the Steam Deck has a touchscreen. It’s a nice replacement for a mouse – PC games aren’t often designed with joystick-based UI in mind. Allowing the player to simply poke at the things they’d like to select isn’t quite the same as mouse usage, but for most games it’ll be functionally identical. This issue is one that No Man’s Sky’s console versions suffered from – trying to use a joystick to move a faux-cursor around was just slightly too off-putting to be enjoyable. But a touch screen? That’s a game changer.

This information was revealed in a twitter post, alongside a hands-on demonstration of the game running on the Steam Deck. If you skipped over that video while looking at the above tweet, fix that – it looks like it runs great!

Developers have been able to toy around with the Steam Deck for a while now. The dev kits Valve sent out were received extremely well! You can be sure that No Man’s Sky won’t be along in getting some extra love when the console comes out.