No Man’s Sky Finally Reaches “Mostly Positive” Rating After 5 Years

Hard Work Pays Off

The tale of No Man’s Sky easily ranks among the most magical in video game history. From the unstoppable hype train to disappointing release to update after update after update, Hello Games‘ legacy has been the pinnacle of “actions speak louder than words”. They released a product that almost nobody was happy with, but instead of shelving the project and starting fresh, they just… worked. In silence, with no expectation for a returned investment, they put their all into making the game into something that lived up to the planet-sized hype train they created. Their journey isn’t over yet, but they’ve just hit a vital milestone.

As of late, the game’s “recent reviews” on Steam have sat firmly in the positives, but the all-time reviews remained low – still feeling the effects of the game’s initial release. But that past need not haunt the Steam store page anymore. The fresh avalanche of support has finally conquered the initial devastation left in the hype train’s wake. A “mostly positive” rating is pretty unremarkable by most standards, but No Man’s Sky is a special case – the rating means so much more than “people like this game”. Considering the hole Hello Games dug themselves out of, it’s hard to feel anything but sheer admiration for their efforts.

All the work they’ve done; all the updates, the half-decade of work, it’s always been freely available to owners of the original game. Everything the original hype train promised, from multiplayer exploration to fast-paced space combat, it’s all real. The overstated hype leading up to the game’s release was seemingly impossible to live up to, and while the game still has its flaws, it’s so much closer than it ever was before – and still growing. If any game has ever deserved that positive rating, it’s No Man’s Sky.