No Man’s Sky Prisms Update Implements HUGE Visual Improvements

Space Was Not Meant to Look This Good

Remember when you heard No Man’s Sky and felt disappointment? Those days are long gone. Not only has it reached a point where it thrives, but now it’s just showing off. The new Prisms update has quite a few additions that make the universe of No Man’s Sky richer and fuller, but also a bunch of visual enhancements that make virtually every aspect of it pop. It went from being a good looking game to a damn fine looking game.

Just under a couple of years ago, Hello Games added mounts to No Man’s Sky. This gave players the option to tame and ride a ton of land-based creatures, but Prisms widely expands the number of mountable creatures, including flying beasts. They say that “virtually every lifeform” can become your companion, just maybe not other explorers.

No Man's Sky Prisms

Here are the big ticket items in the update: the visuals. A ton of surfaces can now reflect more objects and light, like metallic, glass, and wet surfaces, including cockpit windows and space station floors. Volumetric lighting has also been greatly improved with colored volumetric lights, directional lighting, and volumetric lighting support added to nearly every light source. Glass surfaces now also refract light, which may not be the most clear and present detail, but sharp eyes will take notice. Weather effects have been updated so that raindrops now reflect light, lightning storms may now spawn storm crystals on impact, and meteor showers may leave valuable minerals where they land.

For the space travelers, thousands more stars are visible during the night and interstellar travel. You now have plenty of photo-worthy opportunities, so photo mode has also been improved with deeper options. These improvements are supported on PC, next-gen consoles, and Xbox One X. No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PS4, PS5, PSVR, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Will you jump into No Man’s Sky to check out the Prisms update? Let us know in the comments below.