Major Dark Souls Exploit Will Be Detailed Before Elden Ring Launch

Serious Dark Souls Exploit’s Details Will Be Revealed Prior to Elden Ring’s Release

A big Dark Souls exploit pushed Bandai Namco to pull all PC servers offline. Its PvP servers have been offline for about three weeks due to the discovery of a severe remote code execution vulnerability.

FromSoftware has just announced their plan regarding the Dark Souls servers and confirmed the exploit will be fixed in Elden Ring,” the discoverer revealed. “I am planning to through with the public disclosure.”

major dark souls exploit detailed before elden ring launch

Unfortunately, the person who discovered the Dark Souls vulnerability did not provide an exact date on when he was going to reveal its details. However, he did confirm that it will be “a few days up to a week before Elden ring release.”

Apparently, Dark Souls devs have already been aware of this issue since more than a month ago. However, neither the game’s publisher nor the developer acted upon the warning until the discoverer demonstrated it in a public stream last month.

The RCE vulnerability will allow users to remotely run a code on another player’s PC and take control of it. This will give them access to sensitive data and also give them the opportunity to run malicious software.

This Dark Souls exploit is definitely serious. However, it has come to light that not a lot of people outside of Bandai Namco know how to perform it. Thankfully, they reportedly have no intention of using it for malicious purposes.

Last week, devs confirmed that they are going to keep Dark Souls’ PC servers offline. This will continue until after Elden Ring launches on February 25th. 

Due to the time required to set up proper testing environments, online service for the Dark Souls series on PC will not resume until after the release of Elden Ring,” devs wrote. “We will continue to do everything we can to bring back these services as soon as possible.”

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