10 of the Biggest Video Game Company Fails of 2021

Sometimes, Companies Mess Up. Sometimes Video Game Companies REALLY Mess Up

We all love video games here. No matter if we’re playing them on phones, multiple monitors, or on a giant television. With friends in person, online, or by ourselves, we love playing games. That’s something that we can all agree on. However, there is something unfortunate, and that is how bad the video gaming industry can be.

There has been a shift, in the past few years at least, towards the support of employees and the gaming community, but some of the major players have not been looking out for their own. Some companies apologize and actively work to get better. Sometimes there are some trip-ups when it comes to supply and demand.

Then again, there are some companies that just keep getting worse and worse, despite all the opportunities to be better.

10. Supply Difficulties for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X

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This really isn’t about the blame game. There’s high demand which can’t be met by current production because of the current global situation, and how the supply chain works. What is good is that the companies are trying to keep consumers informed about what’s going on, and what to expect. What isn’t so cool is individuals, and companies, taking advantage of this- whether it is through scalping or paywalls.

9. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

grand theft auto triology edition

Basically, the developers promised the players something and were not able to deliver. It is possible like with Cyberpunk 2077, that management was pushing Rockstar Games. Instead of coming out with a finished project, the game was full of all sorts of glitches and bugs. It ruined what could have been a nostalgic experience.

While Rockstar has fixed over a hundred bugs, the damage has already been done. Their attempts to apologize and pull from the shelves physical copies have done more damage.

8. Amazon’s New World’s Filled to the Brim With Exploits and Glitches

new world players banned

There was a lot of anticipation for the MMO, New World, coming out, to the point where there were millions of players jumping in at the end of September 2021. However, it’s been rife with all sorts of problems from the start. There were gold glitches (one that was started by the company itself, to the point where if they wanted to fix the problem, they would have to reset after maintenance). There were chat glitches, and, what is likely the most infuriating, players being told that they could switch servers with their characters- but they clearly were not able to afterward. According to the Game Director, all of these problems have happened because they’ve moved into the game far too fast. That seems to be a trend for games that are on this list.

7. Sega’s Near Massive Data Breach


Massive Data Breaches seem to have become a nearly every-few-years event. At least one company may slip up one way or another, leaving customers vulnerable to losing their personal information, including possible bank information. The reason that Sega is not further down the list is that they managed to cover the hole in the wall, so to speak, before anything dire happened. But the reason that they’re on the list at all is that their mistake was, storing their information in a way that was publicly accessible. So accessible, in fact, that hackers would have been able to find it on the official Sega site on the EU servers.

Glad that it was patched in time, but talk about a major slip-up.

6. The Patronizing Attitude that can come from offering NFTs

Ubisoft NFT Games

For those that don’t know, NFTs are basically a gift receipt for another person’s personal display case for their paper mache display. That’s an awkward way to phrase it, but it’s the feeling that comes across, as those who buy NFTs do not, technically, own what they have purchased. They may have even been stolen from the artist. In short, NFTs are something of a dumpster fire. Some have been very vocal on the matter, whether for or against them.  Kickstarter, a common place for video games to get funded, adopted a patronizing attitude when users did not like that the news was sprung on them without warning. – In return, Kickstarter made an FAQ that spoke down to its users.

A good way to lose your customers.

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