Target to Get Massive PlayStation 5 Restock

More PlayStation 5 Consoles are Heading to Target

For the first time in 2022, Target will be selling PlayStation 5 consoles. The retailer held multiple sales over the holiday season and many expected their supply to be low for at least a little while. However, this new update reports that this new PlayStation 5 restock will be much bigger than many of the store’s past sales.

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We know about this new PS restock thanks to Jake Randall, a YouTuber who tracks these restocks. Randall tweeted that some Target stores have 150-200 consoles already, while most have about 20-40. These units are apparently waiting for some sort of sale that will occur at the end of this week. This looks to be one of the biggest PlayStation 5 restocks we have seen in a while.

However, don’t start getting prepared to stand in long lines this time around. Interested gamers will need to order their PS5 online through Target’s webiste for in-store pickup.

The acclaimed PlayStation 5 has undergone quite the rollercoaster since its release. As the fastest-selling console in company history, it has been tough for many gamers to get their hands on Sony’s newest console. Sony is simply not able to produce as many consoles as there is needed to meet public demand thanks to supply chain issues.

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