Ghost of Tsushima Currently at Over 8 Million Copies Sold

An Announcement Was Made by the Team via Twitter

Ghost of Tsushima, released in 2020, has confirmed that it has achieved over eight million copies of its game. While it had been released in July of 2020, it has taken until now to hit this milestone.



Ghost of Tsushima patch

This isn’t to say anything bad against them. There’s little bad to say about Ghost of Tsushima itself. It’s a beautiful game, with a great open-world design, and the ability to pet foxes…it’s little wonder that it’s been very popular with fans and critics alike.

(Petting animals in games is never to be underestimated).

According to Sucker Punch’s Twitter, the creators of Ghost of Tsushima, they are thrilled about this latest development. “Thank you so much to everyone who has played since launch! We are so incredibly appreciative and grateful for the support!

The number appears to be for the game itself overall, as they did not specify if this was for just the original, or for the Director’s Cut Release, which came out in August 2021. It might have even been due to the fact that it is taking part in the holiday sale currently in the PlayStation store.

However, let’s not forget that on the PlayStation’s 2021 Game of the Year Polls, Ghost of Tsushima did win in two categories. Players voted that this game is the best re-release in 2021, and the one with the best accessibility, as well as the best new soundtrack for its Iki Island expansion that came out in September 2021.

Ghost of Tsushima Stats

With all of this player praise and its love, Ghost of Tsushima is doing well for itself. Maybe getting to the 9 million, or even the 10 million mark for this game is not so far off in its future.

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