New World Global Chat Exploit Can Cause Game to Crash

New World Players Were Asked to Disable Global Chat for a While

New World’s chat system is currently experiencing some issues. There is a new exploit that allows some users to send disruptive images—in some cases, malicious codes—that could cause the crashing of the game.

At first, this exploit was deemed as harmless, with some players sending others images of a sausage or a raw chicken. As time went by, some New World players found more nefarious uses for this newly discovered vulnerability. Some players found out the hard way that it is possible to inject a code into an item link message. The mere hovering of the mouse cursor over the link will cause the game to crash in just seconds.

new world malicious link global chat

People have started linking items in global chat that crash your game when you look at it,” said one New World player.

Other players have also started to send others some images that go beyond the text chat’s on-screen borders. Some took to social media to share their experience when they were “flashbanged” by a server-wide message that covered the screen in an image of a bright yellow box.

“I see your sausage and raise you the flashbang,wrote another New World player.

When complaints about the problem first made their rounds all over the Internet, Amazon Games, at the time, was still “taking a look to prevent this from occurring.” While the devs investigated the issue, New World players were advised to avoid malicious links by closing their game’s global chat feature. They can do this by pressing Enter and switching off all chat channels—or completely muting them.

Amazon Games has seemingly rolled out a fix. “We have enabled a fix that should resolve this issue and prevent players from abusing and exploiting this feature,” their statement said. “This should already be enabled in each region.”

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