New World Players Are Starting to Scam Each Other for Gold

New World Factions Have Collapsed Because of In-Game Scammers

New World has only been out in the gaming community for just over two weeks, and some of its players have already started to scam others for vast quantities of gold, which is the game’s currency. Although the game is not considered as a true sandbox MMO—like EVE Online—it may soon be be associated with a similar reputation for skullduggery.

Just this week, there have been multiple reports of entire factions collapsing merely due to the awful misdeeds of some New World players. The game divides its players into three factions, each of which will be in perpetual war with one another for control of different zones within the game. They can create companies or guilds that represent each faction, and can declare war on others for direct control of settlements and other territories.

new world players gold scam

Once a territory has been owned, everyone profits from the taxes earned by the players who trade items. On the other hand, companies that do no have their own land will have to rely on the generosity of their members. With that said, it is safe to say that there is a high level of trust involved, considering that there is no way to stop company leadership to run off with all the gold that has been collected—which is precisely what has been happening.

A New World player has taken to social media to reveal that his faction recently lost a war to another, which means that they then did not have a territory to call their own. Their guild leader then started to ask for gold so they could pay the fee required to acquire the deed to the last remaining unclaimed zone in their server. Up to 200 New World players donated to fill the company’s coffers, taking the total to about 60,000 gold. Their guild leader then emptied all of the earnings into his own wallet and disappeared.

The leader—along with his friends—then created new characters, transferred the gold they stole, and deleted their old ones so they could start over without others knowing who they were. “Ninety people from the guid are left alone, broke, and betrayed,” said the devastated player. “The faction—the smallest on this server—is in disarray and full of betrayal.”

No one trusts anyone,” he added. “No one knows anything to do about it other than get invaded and die whimpering.”