Amazon Prime Members Given First Picks Over Xbox Series X Restock

While Amazon Isn’t the First to Put Paywalls for Restocks, It’s Still an Unpleasant Surprise

Xbox Series X has been in high demand, just like the PlayStation 5. And while there have been scalpers and resellers taking advantage of the global chip shortage, there are also other practices coming into place. The latest will be Amazon, giving first picks of the restocked console to Amazon Prime Members.

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For those who want an Xbox Series X before December 31, 2021, Amazon has made it very clear who can have the console.

According to the Amazon store website, “Amazon Prime customers will be given priority access to the Xbox Series X through December 31,“. So there’s no confusion about who can or can’t have the console for Christmas.

This is not the first paywall curtain put into place, as reportedly Gamestop has something similar, allowing only PowerUp Rewards members to buy the restocked PlayStation 5 in store.

While it’s understandable as to why Amazon and other retailers may want to limit the number of people attempting to buy such limited products (so that they can more easily meet the demand) there’s still a problem with this.

Most importantly, there have not been any announcements when the consoles will be coming into stock. Amazon has said they will be selling more, but not when, or how many. It’s possible it’s because they’re selling it when they have it. It’s unknown if this is only for the holiday week, or if this is a practice that Amazon will continue throughout 2022.

Granted, it may be possible though to pick up an Xbox Series S though, so there is that bit of good news. Even if it isn’t as powerful as the Xbox Series X, it is far less expensive, and it is attainable without having to go through a membership screen. And if having the latest generation of Xbox gaming consoles is all you want, Xbox Series S might be able to scratch that itch.

Is this fair to the consumers who want it? Tell us in the comments below.