Devotion Studio Red Candle Steps Away From Horror to Do Taopunk

This New Game Is Called Nine Sols, an Action-Platformer

Red Candle has been quiet ever since their previous tease of working on a new game. That is, until now. Red Candle, the studio that brought us Detention and Devotion, has surprisingly stepped away from the horror genre to do a Taopunk action platformer, Nine Sols.

Nine Sols Red Candle Games

While Nine Sols is a Work in Progress (WIP) title, Red Candle happily tweeted about this development and has also brought up a synopsis on their website. According to both sources, Nine Sols is a “Sekiro-inspired deflection-focused combat” game, within a hand-drawn, 2-D platformer that is a blend of Asian fantasy and sci-fi.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the game, this is the first time there has been more information given for what the game entails and the story that we will see coming up. This is what was written on the website: “New Kunlun, the Solarian’s last sanctuary, has remained quiet for centuries. Inside this vast realm, the ancient gods left mortals with a promised land that is forever protected by the sacred rituals, yet the truth of this world remains unknown to most. Everything changes when Yi, a long forgotten hero from the past, is awoken by a human child.

Follow Yi on his vengeful quest against the 9 Sols, formidable rulers of this forsaken realm, and obliterate any obstacles blocking your way in Sekiro-lite style combat. Explore in unique “Taopunk” setting that blends cyberpunk elements with Taoism and far eastern mythology. Unravel the mysteries of an ancient alien race and learn about the fate of mankind.

Considering the two games we’ve seen from the Taiwanese team in the past, this could be a very good game and worth playing. Just looking at the teaser from March brings to mind Shovel Knight, with its use of color and its cute player character. However, there is currently no release date and no known platform.

So we may have to wait a little while longer for the ambitious project that is Nine Sols.