Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale Demo Version Is Now Available on Steam

Stop the Mad King

The indie game developer Grimware Games has launched the demo version of its upcoming game Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale. It is now available for PC via Steam for everyone to try out. Moreover, the developer is planning to release the game in Q1 2025.

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale is an atmospheric action platformer game. It takes place in a vibrant colorful haunting world ruled by a deranged king. He starts to open portals to a nightmarish dimension because of his obsession with immortality. You will play as a brave knight who is on an epic journey to stop the king’s mad desires.

You will navigate through treacherous terrain and engage in adrenaline-pumping battles against monsters and creatures. The game focuses heavily on your platforming skills. So, make sure you can outmaneuver obstacles, then unleash powerful attacks and tactics to triumph over formidable enemies.

There are also tons of colossal and nightmarish bosses waiting for your arrival in this colorful dark fantasy world. Sharpen your blades and keep your spirit up because it will definitely test your skills.

If you are a fan of action platformers, then keep an eye out for this title. Moreover, to build up the hype, check out the official demo launch trailer below.