Hardhat Wombat Starts Stacking on Steam

Prepare for Wombat 

Wombats poop cubes. This is just a fun fact in any other setting. Yet, this fun fact is going to become very beneficial to the reality of this story. It’s time to start constructing with these cubes, that’s the only way. Today, George Fan, the creator of Plants vs. Zombiesand All Yes Good are excited to announce the launch of their puzzle platformer, Hardhat Wombat.  Inviting players to step into the fur of a wombat, the game allows players to solve puzzles using poop cubes as they advance through various levels. 

Hardhat Wombat Key Art

Hardhat Wombat introduces players to a hard-working wombat. Adventuring across seven distinctive worlds, players will face mind-bending puzzles that they must overcome using the wombat’s iconic poop cubes. Importantly, players will need to stack these cubes properly to solve puzzles. However, these puzzles are only one kind of challenge that players will face. In fact, as players advance through 92 different levels, they will discover dynamite-filled time trials, beetle hunts, and more. Additionally, players can unlock more modes as they go along. Eventually, they may be able to face off against other wombats in a poop-stacking competition for the ages. 

Players can get a good look at Hardhat Wombat and the stacking action it entails in the release date trailer. Of course, the trailer shows off the art style and gameplay of the game. Check out the release date trailer below. 

Hardhat Wombat is out now on PC via  Steam. So, are you ready to start stacking cube?