Fabledom, Fairytale City-Builder, Showcased at Indie X

Create Your Own Storybook Kingdom 

Sometimes people want to take a fairytale into their own hands. In a world of trolls, fairies, magic, and knights, now they have the chance too. Today, Grenaa Games and Dear Villagers’ upcoming city-builder, Fabledom, is a feature showcase in the Indie X live stream. Importantly, the live stream, an annual event that showcases upcoming indie games, is giving players a deeper look at the game. Additionally, a recent community update video gives players unfamiliar with the game another glimpse of the fairytale land they’ll call home. 


Fabledom places players in charge of building their own city in a storybook world. Of course, players can design their very own settlement and develop it from a small hamlet to a bustling and shining city. Importantly, this process won’t be easy. Players will be responsible for building every structure necessary for a thriving city. For instance, players can construct buildings such as barracks, farms, fields, houses, towers, and more. Additionally, players can even customize what their buildings look like for an artistic flair that fits a theme. 

However, no fairytale is complete without the villains. The game demands players ensure their city is well-defended. Players will be responsible for training soldiers and sending them against an ever-growing darkness. Of course, players could get a look at the game in the full Indie X showcase. Yet, gamers can also view the game in the community update video. Check it out below. 

Fabledom is releasing on Steam Early Access this Spring.