Amazon’s New World Accidentally Gives Players Too Much Gold

New World Accidentally Gave Certain Players Too Much Gold

Amazon’s New World has been through a few troubles since its release in September. There was a dupe glitch that occurred a few weeks ago, which caused the New World servers to shut down. There has been a dramatic drop-off of players since its initial release- which isn’t surprising, as this happens a lot with new MMOs. But as mistakes go, this one is mostly harmless and even kind of funny.

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Especially as this was by the developer’s own hand. According to reports, on the EU server, New World players were given a whopping 300,000 gold pieces. That’s a lot of gold. Normally, some compensation is given on MMO servers, as a way to make up for the going down for maintenance, or for awarding players for sticking with them after game updates. Sometimes, for both at the same time. But, as one of the developers, known simply as Lane wrote in an announcement,  “This database change mistakenly granted very large sums not reflective of the intended amounts” as this was mostly to pay for in-game taxes, not as the large bonus granted.

Moreover, after the player spending spree, developers took the EU server offline again to see if they could reduce the amount of gold given. But from what they were able to see, what was done was done. The only way they could fix the gold mistake was rolling back the server to before the gold was issued. This also means reverting back to before the database maintenance. So basically, New World had to go back to before they even did some patch fixes.

And moreover, a small number of players were also smacked with a “character_restore_failure” state, because they tried to transfer between 12:45 PM and 3:00 PM CET, which was before the EU server shut down. So, not great.

But considering the gold exploitation and other problems with New World, this situation seems far more harmless than harmful.