New World Players Dropping Rapidly a Month After Launch

Amazon Game’s MMORG New World has experienced a significant drop in players since its game launch

All is not well, it seems, for the Amazon Game. It’s not uncommon for games not to experience a large player gain, then drop off after launch. Mostly people like to see how they enjoy a game, and if it’s not for them, then they drop out. But the numbers are pretty telling as 600,000 players have dropped from the Amazon game,  New World. That’s a significant drop from its late September release to the public, where the numbers had been around one million, beating out the competition of Steam favorites such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

new world players banned

But with the number of problems that players have encountered in the game world, maybe it isn’t that surprising. There were problems with graphic cards, no content roadmap, the inability to create new characters if the server was already full, missing features, inability to region transfer…the list goes on for the number of bugs and glitches experienced by players all over New World. It’s little wonder that the Amazon game has been losing, on average, 100,000 players per week.

The creators are rallying back though, with an attempt to entice players to stay and encourage feedback. Starting today, November 10th, players will be able to access New World’s The Public Test Realm. With this, players and fans alike will have access to unreleased features and additions to the game before it’s released to the rest of New World, and offer feedback in the way of encouragement, or reporting bugs or glitches. This means that it’s possible to encourage players to try out particular weapons, combat situations, missions, and quests before its brought to the game, and let the developers what works and what doesn’t. When what is released on the Public Test Realm would go to the New World game proper though is unknown, or if it would be a large transfer or patch updates.

MMOs are always a work in progress, and it may be possible that New World will find itself with more players with this possible enticement. However, some players may have been burned by the experience and will not take what Amazon has to offer.

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