Fresh Controversy Hits New World Over Server Transfers

Server Transfers Aren’t As Unrestricted As We Thought

Over the past few weeks, Amazon’s first MMORPG New World has been one of the hottest titles in online gaming, with the player numbers growing so large so quickly that the servers just can’t keep up. Despite its success, or perhaps because of it, there’s already been plenty of controversy surrounding New World, from guild leaders scamming players out of their hard-earned gold to technical problems caused by the game (to the point of physically destroying some pretty expensive hardware). It seems that Amazon haven’t quite finished with outraging their playerbase quite yet, though, as a recent announcement has caused considerable uproar – it looks like Amazon haven’t been entirely truthful about how transferring characters between servers works.

Because of the issues with server space over the past two weeks, Amazon have been encouraging players to start up characters on less-populated servers, promising that once congestion had died down they’d be able to transfer their character to whichever server they wanted – and it was explicitly stated that players would be able to transfer between regions.

However, now it seems Amazon never had any plans to allow players to move between regions, with it being revealed that region transfer is impossible. Clarification came in the server transfer megathread on the New World forums, and it’s pretty clear-cut: “So the “transfer to any server” statement issues earlier was not true? – Unfortunately the original information provided was incorrect.” (yes, Amazon did make a typo in there).

This has caused fairly understandable outrage among players who started up characters in different regions to their friends due to congestion, being told all the while they’d be able to transfer. User Ozijak on the New World forum summed the community’s feelings on the matter up pretty well: “Many of us who listened to you and tried to do the right thing and don’t want to be punished for that.

New World is available right now on PC – but good luck getting into a server these days!