Despite Massive Success, New World Is Still Frying Graphics Cards

New World, Old Problems

With the MMORPG business booming over the past year or so (or… at least some of them. Sorry WoW.), it’s no surprise that Amazon Games decided to dip their toe into it. Set on Aeternum, a haunted island where the dead don’t quite stay down, New World is Amazon’s new PC MMO. Despite several controversies since the launch of New World’s beta, it seems that Amazon’s gamble has paid off as there are so many players the servers can’t keep up. However, now that players have gotten into the game proper, one of the game’s worst problems seems to have reared its head again: the destruction of graphics cards. 

Graphics cards are in desperately short supply these days, so finally picking one up for your new rig only to have it be destroyed by a game must be heartbreaking. Back in New World’s beta, Amazon gave players a three-step guide to preventing your graphics card from dying rather than properly solving the issue. Now, reports are coming in that graphics cards are still being damaged – and worse, it’s not just RTX 3090s anymore.

new world servers long queues

An investigation by found that not only are RTX 3090 users reporting this issue, but now TX 3080s, RTX 3080 Tis, RTX 3060s and even the GPUs on RTX 3000 laptops. Both Nvidia and AMD GPUs seem to have been affected, with the game causing overheating and crashing. While Amazon did add an FPS limiter in the menu in an attempt to prevent the issue, it certainly doesn’t seem to have worked properly.

Despite all this ,New World has seen a massive amount of players pouring in since its full launch, and it doesn’t look like the flow is stopping any time soon. If you’re brave enough to risk your graphics card, you can check out New World right – but if you’re trying it, be ready to spend some time queuing to get in!