Back 4 Blood Studio Admits to Too Many Special Zombies Spawned

Turtle Rock Studios Acknowledges and Fixes Error 

While people have been enjoying Back 4 Blood and all it entails, there have been, for sure, some bumps on the road. This happens with most games, especially when they initially launch. However, there was one little problem that caused an increase of difficulty: too many special zombies popping up. While this sounds like it would make the game far more interesting and exciting, that can be…well. A little too much of a good thing.

back 4 blood increased difficulty

Turtle Rock Studios,  the developers of Back 4 Blood, caught onto the problem and was able to explain the cause. Apparently, this was due to the game “duplicating their spawn cards”, which got worse as the game progressed. Thankfully, according to a tweet, they were able to fix this issue in the latest patch. Though…according to some players, the special zombies are still jumping in droves. It could be just an error, but players have noted before that there are difficulties with the game, including the sliding scale of difficulty for players.

Turtle Rock Studios does have the report bugs and glitches, as well as ticket submissions links pinned on top of its Twitter in case of problems. It is good that the studio is listening to players when there are problems that are still coming up when it comes to playing Back 4 Blood. Players want a better AI system, as well as a better difficulty scale. But too, Back 4 Blood has been hyped up for a long time, as well as being hoped as a successor for the very successful Left 4 Dead franchise. And, too, it’s no longer the spooky month of Halloween, so there may be a drop in players because of this. Still, there are also the new content details that were released on November 9th that look very promising. So maybe, like Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood will find its own dedicated fanbase.

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