Back 4 Blood Details Content in the Annual Pass and Free Updates

Back 4 Blood Details Post-launch Content

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios have released a roadmap with some post-launch content plans for Back 4 Blood. The roadmap details what is coming in the annual pass and what will be added for free. The most significant update coming for free is the offline campaign that will actually have character progress.

The Back 4 Blood roadmap highlights the first DLC included in the annual pass Tunnels of Terror, which is set to release next year. Tunnels of Terror will feature new story content, playable Cleaners, and Ridden, activity type, weapons, cards, and exclusive skins, with more information to come at a later date. The annual pass includes Tunnels of Terror and two other DLC, which is available for $39.99.

Here is everything that will be coming for free:

  • Solo Offline Mode with Campaign Progression
  • New Supply Lines
  • Ridden Practice Area
  • Holiday Seasonal Event
  • New Difficulty
  • New Co-op Mode
  • New Card Type
  • New Player & Corruption Cards
  • Melee Updates
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

I left bug fixes on that list just because I think it is funny they apparently consider that content and not something they should do. I assumed bug fixes were coming but it is nice to have it confirmed.

The most significant change here really is the solo offline mode with actual progression. I really can’t believe they launched this game with basically no single-player mode at all for really no reason. That should have been a feature at launch, but better late than never, I guess.

Source: Press Release