Halo Infinite Fans Could See Return of Shotty Snipers in Season 2

Halo Infinite Devs May Be Bringing Back Shotty Snipers for Season 2

Halo Infinite fans may see the return of Shotty Snipers. According to a recent data mine, devs have plans to bring the variant to the game’s Season 2.

Shotty Snipers planned for Season 2,” the data miner wrote on social media. The leaker also posted a short snippet of codes that seemingly confirms the return of Shotty Snipers.

halo infinit shotty snipers season 2

Halo Infinite Season 2 is also known as Lone Wolves. It is due to begin this May. Head of Creative Joseph Staten provided further details about a variety of new modes and maps at launch. However, there was no information about Shotty Snipers in his statement.

Staten detailed some new pieces of content when Season 2 launches. He revealed that there will be a new mode called Land Grab, a BTB map called Breaker, the return of King of the Hill, a free-for-all elimination called Last Spartan Standing, and and Arena map called Catalyst.

Halo Infinite’s Shotty Snipers is actually a smaller multiplayer game type within the main game. Fans of the franchise have already come across this feature in Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4. 

At the beginning of Shotty Snipers, the map that players spawn in will have no weapons—except for some equipment and grenades. Everyone will only have a shotgun and a sniper rifle. Thankfully, both of which will have unlimited ammo. The first team to get 50 kills wins the match.

343 Industries has neither confirmed nor denied the return of Shotty Snipers in Halo Infinite. However, the devs did promise to share more information about the upcoming Season 2 in the coming weeks. With that said, fans of the game are expecting for more news in April. After all, Season 2 is due to launch on May 3rd.

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