Intel and Ubisoft Announce Partnership for Star Wars: Outlaws

New Tech for A Galaxy Far, Far, Away

Star Wars is one of the most recognizable IPs in the world. It is a franchise with iconic characters, locations, and more. Of course, with a new open-world game coming to the Star Wars roster, equally iconic hardware will be needed to run it. Today, Ubisoft and Intel are happy to announce a new partnership for upcoming open-world game Star Wars: Outlaws. Acting as the exclusive CPU launch partner for the new game, Intel is offering a chance for gamers who upgrade  Intel® Core™ 14th Gen HX-Series mobile and S-Series systems a chance to grab the game. Importantly, this presents a huge opportunity for both Ubisoft and Intel. In fact, Intel vice president Roger Chandler provides his own insights on the partnership. 

Intel Star Wars

“This is a huge partnership for Intel, being able to combine the power and performance of our latest-gen Intel Core 14th Gen processors with the gaming excellence that Massive Entertainment is renowned for,” Says Chandler in a press release.

Interestingly the partnership is emerging as a special promotion. Gamers who upgrade to the new Intel Core 14th Gen Series will be receiving a copy of Star Wars: Outlaws. Importantly, this deal extends to a range of new gaming laptops. For instance, Intel partners, including Dell Alienware, Lenovo Legion, HP Omen, Acer Predator, ASUS ROG, MSI and Razer are participating.

Of course, Star Wars: Outlaws is introducing players to the iconic galaxy like never before. Notedly, players get to explore the Outer Rim as Kay Vess, a smuggler during the Imperial era. Importantly, the game allows players to explore various Outer Rim worlds in extra detail. Luckily, the power of Intel’s latest processors is here to ensure players are getting the best experience.

For more info on this partnership visit visit  the Star Wars Outlaws promo website. Of course, more info on Star Wars: Outlaws is available here.