ArenaNet Provides Update On The Future of MMORPG Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet Provides Update On The Future of MMORPG Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet and NCSoft are the developers and publishers behind Guild Wars 2, a fantasy MMORPG that released many moons ago. Since its release, the team introduced a ton of content updates into the game along with other important announcements including that the game would be free to play. Recently, the developers released End of Dragons, the game’s latest expansion. The developers, via an update, have announced that the expansion is very successful and that a fourth expansion is on the way!

guild wars 2: end of dragons shing jea island

The Guild Wars 2 team confirmed that the game now has double the amount of players as before and that the journey to progression from here is key. Amy Liu and Josh David will be the executive producer and game director respectively. In 2022, the developers will be trying to achieve a healthy work/life balance while delivering consistent updates for fans. Additionally, fans can look forward to launching the game on Steam! The team is hoping that it will be available this year.

Between March 15th to June 28th, there will be approximately seven updates for fans to enjoy.

For the future, the developers have confirmed the game’s fourth expansion, however there are no details just yet. The focus is on the current game including balance updates, Living World Season 1, improving World v World PVP and more. Furthermore, the developers are intent on providing more frequent updates to the community via regular ‘State of the Game’ blogs. There is a lot of content and information coming to the game over the next few months!

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