Imp of the Sun Set To Launch On Consoles This Week

Imp of the Sun Set To Launch On Consoles This Week

Fireshine Games is a video game publisher in England that has worked with Team 17 and Rebellion. It has released various popular indie titles since 2014. Sunwolf Entertainment is an independent developer that creates titles to inspire people and change the world. The two have combined to release Imp of the Sun on all consoles and PC. The game is set to release on 24th March on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC via Steam. Interested fans can add the game to their wishlist here.

The game is a handcrafted 2D world set in the Andean Mountains where players take on the role of Nin. Nin is an imp created from the sun. Players must go on a journey to explore and fight in order to defeat the Four Keepers. The ultimate mission is to restore the sun’s power and end the Eternal Eclipse, as the world may just be consumed by darkness.

The game’s soundtrack was done by a live studio orchestra and features samples from historic instruments and more. Some of the key aspects of the game include using Nin in battle with fluid gameplay and combat along with exploring a Peruvian-themed world. Every area has its own unique aspects ranging from the Andean Mountains to the Amazonian jungle. Furthermore, fans will be able to find ‘quipus’ which they can collect to learn about the story of the Eternal Eclipse. These hidden items add an extra layer to the game.

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SOURCE: Press Release