Halo Infinite Isn’t Coming to Steam Deck Due to Anti-Cheat Software

Halo Infinite Isn’t Coming to Steam Deck Due to Anti-Cheat Software

Halo Infinite is the latest game to be included to Steam Deck’s unsupported list. Xbox Game Studios confirmed in an update that users of the handheld PC will not be able to play Halo’s newest title due to unspecified anti-cheat software.

It is up to our studios how they fit Steam Deck integration for their games into their busy schedules and with a lot of great stuff already in the works, some titles may take longer,” devs wrote. “We have put together this list so you can see how or titles are coming along.

halo infinite not coming to steam deck

As mentioned, Halo Infinite is among the titles listed under the device’s unsupported list. The other games are Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and Gears 5.

Unfortunately for the Halo community, this means that the whole series will not be playable on the go, with the Steam Deck at least, for the foreseeable future. This includes the game’s single player campaigns.

This is actually not the first time that popular games are not going to be available for the handheld. Bungie confirmed to the gaming public that Destiny 2 will not be playable on the Steam Deck earlier this month. They also reiterated to players that anyone who tries to get around this incompatibility is going to get a game ban.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney also was not too happy that Fortnite is coming to the device. Sweeney is not confident that it will be able to counter cheating with the Steam Deck’s Linux OS.

At the moment, it would seem that the only way for Halo Infinite fans to enjoy their game would be on their consoles or on PC. It remains unknown if there will be any change on this front in the future.

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