Gamescom 2021 Award Nominees Revealed, Here’s the Highlights!

The Pressure’s On – Who Will Take Home the Gold?

It’s always an honour to be chosen for a game award, and Gamescom awards are among the most prestigious. Gamescom easily ranks among the largest gaming events globally, which gives these awards some serious weight. The Gamescom 2021 awards are sure to be a massive boon for any game lucky enough to receive one, which makes their upcoming show all the more important.

What’s more, the Gamescom award show isn’t like your usual affair – Gamescom is a trade fair, used as a key part of a game’s marketing process. These games are upcoming releases – where publicity becomes so much more important! The winners here will have a strong start leading up to their full release, which hopefully will be a good omen of things to come!

Spread across 22 categories, there’s more awards than an article like this could cover. This is just the tip of the iceberg – if you want to see the full list, you can read more about it on the official site. Here’s just some notable entries:

Best Microsoft Xbox Game:

Best Nintendo Switch Game:

Best Sony Playstation Game:

Best PC Game:

Best Indie Game:

Best Action Game:

Best Strategy Game:

Best Ongoing Game:

One thing to note here is the prominence of Elden Ring not just here, but in other categories as well – the game has five(!) chances of walking away with the prize. The From Software original has a ton of hype behind it, due to the studio’s legacy with the wildly-successful Dark Souls franchise. Should they take the crown in multiple categories (which seems probable), the game is sure to reap the benefits of the extra publicity – something that should make From Software’s fans ecstatic. If you’re in that group, this is an event to watch!