Company Of Heroes 3 Will Focus on Storytelling With New Features

Company Of Heroes 3 Will Have Cool New Features For Storytelling

The RTS genre used to be a staple in video games, however recently, the genre hasn’t been given too much love. However, Relic Entertainment intends to turn that around as in early July, the company announced Company of Heroes 3, the long awaited sequel in the franchise! The game is set to release on PC in late 2022. In light of that, the company has given us an inside look into the storytelling element of the upcoming release.

The game will commence with a battle that throws player into the fray before heading into its official intro. The campaign will have various narratives but only one outro as the game ends with a historically authentic ending of the Italy campaign. The campaign itself will be influenced by player’s decisions, actions and how they balance various conflicting demands. Players will encounter ‘Narrative Anchors’ as they play through the campaign, that changes relationships and influence’s its outcome.

Missions can be played at any time, and affect the relationship with sub-commanders, while soldier stories introduce the background of soldiers through letters, books and more. Campaign Events are filled with various themes inspired by real challenges the Allies faced in the Theatre.

SITREPS or situation reports are the introduction video of each mission and provides a mission briefing. There are four different Intel characters that provides mission objectives throughout. Players will also hear the voice of their company commander throughout the mission, who will be the face, voice and personality of the company.

Company of Heroes 3 is available for wishlist on Steam.

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