Company Of Heroes 3 Announced With An Action-Packed Gameplay Trailer

Fight Them On The Beaches

Well, we can finally say for certain what yesterday’s mysterious Relic Entertainment stream was all about – Company of Heroes 3 has been officially announced! Developers Relic Entertainment and publishers SEGA have revealed the next title in the World War 2 RTS series with a gameplay trailer and even a ‘hands-on’ pre-alpha preview.

Company of Heroes 3’s gameplay trailer is from a very early version of the game, and it shows in spots -some of the graphics are quite unpolished, particularly the fire, bullet and explosion effects. However, there’s plenty of time for that to be ironed out before the game’s release. The trailer does confirm a theory we had based on the countdown stream – the game will be taking place during the Allied invasion of Italy towards the end of the war.

The new CoH-Development program allows eager fans to get their hands on a pre-alpha preview of Company of Heroes 3’s single player campaign for free – all you have to do is sign up at the Company of Heroes website, and agree to give the devs some feedback on the game so far! You’ll also get access to exclusive design documents, concepts, visuals, developer insights and more as the game is further developed.

Relic Entertainment’s General Manager, Justin Dowdeswell, commented on the pre-alpha program: “We’re really excited for players to experience Company of Heroes 3 right from the pre-alpha stage and to receive their valuable feedback. We’ve been co-developing the game with our fantastic community members for years now, and they have been instrumental in providing consistent and meaningful feedback at every step of the development process. We are ready to expand that program in a massive way with our fans around the world via our COH-Development Program, which has been made possible by Amplitude Studios’ fantastic Games2Gether platform.”

Company Of Heroes 3 is scheduled to release on PC in late 2022 – you can add it to your wishlist on Steam right now!