Apex Legends Modder Shows Off Titanfall-Style Wall-Running Video

Gamebreaking? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely.

Apex Legends is one of the many Battle Royale games that have flooded the market recently, and between a battle pass system, a steady stream of new characters, and a fun sci-fi aesthetic, it’s doing pretty well for itself. However, one thing it doesn’t offer players is the ability to run on walls, which is interesting because its predecessor Titanfall does.

At least one fan has decided that wall-running is just too cool not to bring into Apex Legends, even if they have to mod the game to do it. The result is a stunning video showcasing a modded version of Apex Legends that features Titanfall-style wall-running. Observe.

The video, which is 44 seconds long, showcases a player practically flying across the map, sliding up and down various walls and obstacles without even slowing down. It’s fast, it’s slick, it looks incredibly fun, and more than a few comments have already been posted by people who appreciate the mod.

Sadly, the mod has not been made available to the larger fanbase, as the video was made in a modded version of Apex Legends that is completely separate from the main game. YouTuber MokeySniper, who shared the video, has stated that they will not link to the mod because it’s unofficial and there might be a ban risk involved.

This video shows exactly how gamebreaking wall-running would be in Apex Legends’ current map set-up. However, it also shows how much fun wall-running would be if Apex Legends had maps built around the gimmick the way Titanfall does.

While it’s uncertain if Apex Legends will ever implement wall-running officially, it would be really interesting to see more of this mod. Any Battle Royale games currently in development may also want to consider adding wall-running to their set-ups. Come on, it would be fun.

apex legends loba looking at the screen.

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