Apex Legends Players Are Facing Account Reset Issues

More Bugs in Apex Legends? It’s More Likely Than You Think

People will accept a lot of mechanical flaws from a game as long as it’s good, but Apex Legends is once again testing peoples’ patience. This otherwise solid battle royale first-person shooter is constantly flooded with bug reports. Previously, we’ve reported on audio glitches, an unbalanced Battle Pass, and the banning of over 400 players who exploited a glitch that let them pick on less skilled players, but this newest malfunction may take the cake. Right now, players all over the internet are reporting that their player rank and season pass rank have been brought back down to one. Ouch.

Dualshockers states that: “Those who are reporting the issue have confirmed that they still have all of their characters, skins, and purchases, but have lost all leveling progress and account statistics,” which is reassuring to hear. At least the affected accounts haven’t lost everything. This is still a nasty situation to be stuck in, though, and the official EA Help Twitter assures us that they’re hard at work trying to fix the problem, or at least diagnose why it’s happening. Current information suggests that the reset is linked to changing the email attached to your EA account… but PS4 players are being hit by a similar bug that isn’t related to the emails, so it’s clearly a pretty complex issue.

We don’t often root for EA, but we’ll make an exception here. Good luck, guys. Seems like you’ll need it.


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