Over 400 Apex Legends Gamers Banned for Cheating

Respawn Entertainment Banned Over 400 Apex Legends Gamers

Respawn Entertainment has officially banned 419 Apex Legends players for exploiting a glitch that allowed them to compete against lower-skilled players.¬†Apex Legends security expert Conor Ford announced the ban on Twitter, but Respawn Entertainment hasn’t gone public with the banning, likely due to the fact that it was possible through exploiting a glitch rather than hacking the game. Apex Legends Season 7 has officially begun and it’s available for non-banned players to check out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The 419 Apex Legends gamers who were recently banned from Respawn Entertainment were exploiting a glitch that allowed Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator ranked players to farm rank points in Bronze rank matches that allowed them to compete against noobs. Due to skill-based matchmaking, top tier players in Apex Legends should not be getting matched with Bronze tier players, no matter what those gamers feel about skill-based matchmaking in their battle royale games. According to Connor Ford, this exploit was possible on all of the platforms that Apex Legends is available on, but didn’t explain how it was done.

“To the 419 Diamond+ ranked players who abused an exploit allowing you get into and farm bronze lobbies for RP, enjoy watching Season 7 from the sidelines,” said Connor Ford on his recent Twitter statement about the recent Apex Legends bans. Only 2% of Season 6 Apex Legends gamers were ranked Diamond or higher, so it’s likely that if you were playing Season 6 and ran into one of these top-tier players in your matches, they were abusing a glitch to get easy RP.

Considering this matchmaking exploit may still exist, more Apex Legends gamers may continue to get banned. Are you glad that Respawn Entertainment continues to ban cheaters? Let us know in the comments below!